Information about Site Development

Bouygues UK are the appointed building contractors and ADP are our architects.

We have been working alongside Bouygues and ADP in conjunction with the Building section of the Education Funding Agency, (who work for the Department of Education) throughout the Design and Build Process.

Having worked very hard with ADP, we are certain that we have designed a building to match our Educational Vision.
The permanent 2-storey building is positioned on the right hand side of The Academy as you enter the site. Building work is clearly under way and progress is on-track.: We will be able to move into the building in August 2016.

We are currently housed in modular blocks, consisting of 3 classrooms, an additional hall and an administrative area. These will be removed in August 2016. Please find architect’s images below, we are sure you will find the design impressive.

Bouygues continue to liaise with our local neighbours and host monthly project open-days. Providing you with the opportunity to meet the team and answer any queries or concerns you may have.


Further information contact the site team:
Adrian Cook – Project Manager

Tel No: 07766 420016  Email: adriancook@bouygues-uk.com


Liz Jeffs – Community Engagement Manager

Tel No: 07766 420010  Email: lizjeffs@bouygues-uk.com


Massing and Scale

The proposed Langley Academy Primary is limited to 2 storeys to respond to the surrounding residential properties and existing academy building.

The position of the building has been carefully considered to avoid overshadowing the main view of the existing academy down the drive from Langley Road.

The overall form is composed of a series of rectangular blocks, each with a different function separated by circulation zones. The front block houses the administration and main entrance, the central block is the teaching accommodation and the rear block is the main halls and kitchen spaces.

A feature entrance canopy at the front of the building with a fi n wall forms a clear entrance point to the building for visitors. Lightweight glazed canopies along the teaching block provided covered external learning spaces for each classroom while avoiding restriction of natural light to the classrooms.


The new primary school will be in a simple palette of materials; timber cladding, render, aluminium cladding and coloured spandrel panels.

The entrance and administration block to the front of the building is designed with vertical Siberian Larch timber cladding. This is to contrast with the existing academy building which is clad in horizontal Western Red Cedar. As both buildings will be constructed at different times it will be impossible to match with the existing cladding therefore it is better to contrast design while keeping a similar external appearance. The entrance canopy will be in aluminium cladding.

Coloured spandrel panels will add small areas of colour (taken from the school logo) to refl ect the presence of younger children using this building and to distinguish it from the other buildings on the site.

The main teaching block will be in natural render with simple punch windows. All windows will be in dark grey similar to the existing academy with matching dark grey rain water pipes and hoppers The rear block which houses the halls, kitchen and plant area will be in
a combination of render and timber cladding. The South facade of this block closest to the existing academy will be in timber while the other side will be in render.

A timber screen to the roof conceals the plant area.