Year Group Pages

In Reception, we want children to feel confident to be able to explore the world around them. Therefore, we refer to our Reception classes as Explorers, the three classes are:
Explorer Cook, Explorer Hendrickson, Explorer Hillary.


Explorer Cook: Named after James Cook, who was a navigator, naval captain and explorer.
He discovered and charted New Zealand and Great Barrier Reef. He helped provide information for the first accurate map of the Pacific.
His nautical adventures are the basis of Miss Dhand’s pirate theme.


Explorer Hendrickson: Named after Sue Hendrickson, who is a self-taught fossil hunter, marine archaeologist, adventurer and explorer.
In 1990, she found the largest and most complete T-Rex to date.
This amazing find is the basis of the dinosaur theme in Miss Shaw’s class.


Explorer Hillary: Named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was an explorer and mountaineer.
He was famous for being the first to reach the peak of Mount Everest (along with a fellow climber). Hillary went on expeditions to the South Pole too.
As well as being a keen mountaineer, Hillary was also a philanthropist, supporting people of Nepal.
Mrs McGregor’s forest theme is based on life at lower Mount Everest.