Year Five and Six Highlithts

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Oct 15, 2021

This week in Year 5 we have been preparing and performing ‘Rangtan in my bedroom’ in our English lessons. We have continued developing our addition and subtraction skills and have been looking at how we can apply them to written questions. We had a very interesting trip to The Living Rainforest where we were able to look at the adaptations of plants and animals within the rainforest. In Science we have moved on to looking at the life cycles of amphibians. We have also been working hard on our free-flow projects ready to present next week.

Phew, what a busy week! The Thames Valley Basketball coaches joined us to work on our dribbling skills; some of the Year 7 students visited us to discuss their experiences starting at the ‘big school’; we visited TLA to take part in an English poetry lesson; along with completing all our usual lessons and tasks. Time for a restful weekend, before doing it all again next week.