Nursery Highlights

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Feb 7, 2022

This week Nursery have continued with their text Rapunzel. The children have been retelling the story and some children have come up with new stories, by changing the characters. We have had some amazing new stories. The children have developed their creating by mark making using paints and ‘homemade’ paintbrushes out of leaves, grass and sticks.

We have been learning how to do different actions and to stop at a certain number. It has been tricky to just jump, or clap a certain amount of times. We have been focussing on our Mental Health this week and have done lots of different activities, like: yoga, breathing, mindful colouring and thinking about the things we can’t do YET. It was great to hear the children say that can’t do something yet, but they know they will be able to do
them soon.