Nursery Highlights

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May 6, 2022

Nursery have continued to learn their story ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’. We have looked at different dances from around the world, watched video clips of them and tried to copy the dance moves. We then looked at the different outfits they wear, why they would wear these and also the facial expressions of the dancers. The children enjoyed going upstairs to look at the Brazilian carnival costumes, where they even tried on the headwear. During free flow children then made their own carnival wear, by choosing different materials to decorate the tunics and hats with. The children have built on recent Eid celebrations at home by organising parties and talking about the different roles people have to be able to organise one. We had DJs, chefs and cleaners. We have also had children building campfires, cooking food on the fire, making smoothies using coloured water and cleaning the bikes.