Our School Reading Scheme

Once confident, children will bring home books from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme to read to a family member at home. Rooted in reading for pleasure and with systematic phonics at its heart, Oxford Reading Tree's well-loved characters, breadth and varied writing styles give children everything they need to become confident readers.

Whilst working their way through the Read, Write Inc scheme, children will be sent home with materials to support and consolidate their early reading skills at home. These materials include sound cards, green words, ‘ditty’ sheets and storybooks.

Teach a child to read and keep that child reading [and talking] and we will change everything. And I mean everything.

Jeanette Winterson

Reading is at the core of our whole school curriculum and we aim to ensure that all children have a love of reading. Providing children with the ability to read and to read confidently opens up a world of information and imagination for them to access and explore.

Children throughout the school are exposed to a wide range of quality picture and story books. Stories, songs and rhymes are shared with the children every day. Sharing books is an important and integral part of our school day with the children.

During their time at our school, children will have access to a variety of reading materials to bring home to support their reading development and promote a love of reading. Children also regularly enjoy sharing a book and reading with an adult in school.

The opportunity to choose from a wealth of books in our class libraries and school library further supports children’s enthusiasm and passion for reading. Children frequently choose books to share with their family at home.  

World Book Day is a big day in the school calendar and all staff dress up as character for a children’s book and the children take part in activities inspired by the book for the day.

Previous themes include, Alice in Wonderland, The Day the Crayons Quit and The Wind in the Willows.