•The Year 1s researched the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We took them to his Sounding Arch in Maidenhead, so they can see for themselves just how big and impressive it is. The experience helps them understand the engineering much better than a photograph.

•When children learnt the Three Billy Goats Gruff story they meet real goats from Berkshire Agricultural Education and were shocked to learn that goats do not really like grass. The children tasted goats cheese and milk, they thought it was disgusting!

Our children learn by experiencing things for real. We create a vivid life experiences, often led by the children’s own interests. We believe this ignites a love of learning and gives our children a deep and abiding knowledge.


•A group of boys wondered what was inside a rock. We said they should find out with a proper experiment. They made a safety plan to break the rocks open and decided which equipment they needed.  They smashed the rocks open and recorded what they saw. The boys then met the Museum Learning  Team to compare ideas about fossils, rocks and hand axes.