Year 2

Gaudi: Is named after Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect. His works are greatly influenced by nature. Much of his work can be seen in Catalonia, Spain. Gaudi was very innovative, incorporating vibrant colour and geometry, his style literally changed the style of architecture and building techniques. His buildings still seem very unique.

Da Vinci: Is named after the famous Italian artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. He was famous for painting portraits – including the ‘Mona Lisa’. As well as his art, he is famous for many other sketches, including anatomy, flight, gravity and many other themes. This earned him the title of being a scientific engineer. His sketches show the understanding of the world through art.








Morris: Is named after William Morris, an English designer. He became particularly interested in interior design and furnishings as he wanted to decorate his own home. Following on from his personal success, he opened a business specialising in creating domestic furnishings, including embroidery, furniture, tiles and wallpaper. Morris also wrote and published poetry, moreover he founded a publishing house.