Our highly qualified and experienced staff play and work alongside all of the children. This enables our staff to plan learning opportunities that support the current needs of all the children based on their current interests and fascinations.

Where possible, learning is based on real life experiences which supports our school museum learning approach.

At The Langley Academy Primary, play is at the heart of our Early Years curriculum. We pride ourselves on being an exciting and engaging place for children to learn. Our provision provides our children with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills which enables them to thrive.

 We believe that children learn best through play. Children are provided with the opportunity within their daily timetable to pursue their own interests and fascinations during free flow. During this time, the children apply and consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding and explore concepts through play.

We know that children achieve and thrive in a safe, happy environment. Our children learn through a range of adult and child initiated activities, opportunities and experiences.