Key Stage 2

The importance of child-led learning doesn’t change when a child moves into Key Stage Two. Children still take part in free-flow but the activities are far more child-led and more project-based.

At TLAP we believe the free-flow projects are a necessity to ensure our children learn best, following their own interests and fascinations. This is enhanced by our inspiring class teachers providing daily teacher inputs that teach key components of the National Curriculum.

At TLAP we believe children need to understand and use the skills behind the curriculum, so that they can apply those skills across the breadth of the curriculum and make the knowledge their own.

Our free-flow projects, where possible, are based on real life experiences which supports our school museum learning approach. The projects then culminate into a presentation day where they present to their year group. This occurs every half term.

We strive to create a learning environment that encourages children the opportunity to acquire valuable life skills e.g. resilience, confidence and perseverance.

Our Key Stage Two pupils will continue to have links to museums and enrichment visits/trips.