LangleyPrimary103 (Custom)

School Uniform

Children are expected to wear school uniform as it creates a pride in appearance and in the school.

TLAP school uniform can be purchased from Aqua Uniforms, High Street, Langley, it can also be purchased online from Aqua Uniforms. Please see the table below which outlines the uniform expectation for all children.

Uniform List

All items marked with * may only be purchased from Aqua Uniforms.

All clothing should MUST be clearly labelled

Main Uniform (can be worn all year)

  • White polo shirt (with logo)* 
  • Jumper (with logo)*
  • Grey Trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Under tops should be white
  • White/grey tights

Summer Uniform (Sept-Oct and then April-July)

  • White polo shirt (with logo)*
  • Jumper (with logo)*
  • Deep purple gingham summer dress* or Grey Bermuda Shorts


  • Should be of the traditional school type.
  • They must be black and cover the whole foot. Trainers or open toed sandals are not school wear.

P.E. Kit

  • Round Neck t-shirt – (purple with logo) *
  • Shorts – black
  • Purple hoodie (with logo) *
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (with logo) *
  • Purple PE bag (with logo)*
  • Plimsolls or Velcro trainers

Other Items

  • Book bag with logo
  • Wellington boots.
  • Head coverings should be Purple, White, Black or Grey

Optional: Purple Jacket with fleece inside and logo *