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Pupil Leadership

School council 2Our School Councillors were elected by their classmates at the start of the academic year during our whole school election. This was held after the children campaigned for the position in the build up to the election. Every child in our school cast their vote and posted it in the school ballot box.

There is one representative from each class from Reception to Year 5. Each of our School Councillors wears a ‘School Council’ badge. The councillors meet every two weeks to discuss matters concerning our school.

Previously, our School Councillors have visited the Houses of Parliament and raised funds by organising a cake sale for a local charity.

Sports Leaders

The Sport leaders have a duty to organise and run competitive events, between the school’s houses, through a range of sports and games. This may include a break-time tournament of a penalty shoot-out, or a skip-a-thon, perhaps a tennis game. Once the game or competition is complete, the winning house will be rewarded with house-points, that contribute to the overall score. Below are our representatives for this year.

Year 3 

  • Oshi 
  • Phoebe 
  • Jayan 
  • Shreerman 

Year 4 

  • Jordan 
  • Summer 
  • Noah 
  • Anirudh 

Year 5 

  • Samy 
  • Kai 
  • Aedhya 
  • Zoya 

Year 6 

  • Tobi – Member of Parliament 
  • Aisha 
  • Anshpreet 
  • Alkaaraj 

Peer Mentors

Having a Peer Mentor programme has many benefits – to our children who are mentored, to our children providing the mentoring, and to our school. 

Peer mentoring is based on young people supporting each other and providing guidance and support, serving as great role models. 

It will allow our children to manage and process their thoughts and worries in a safe and familiar environment in a positive way. Peer Mentoring will also help our children to: 

  • Improve self-esteem, confidence, communication skills and problem-solving skills 
  • Improve a sense of belonging 
  • Develops friendships 

We have a dedicated Peer Mentor display, showing our children who the Peer Mentors are. They all wear a high visibility jacket, so that they are very visible to the children on the playground 

Peer Mentors receive termly training and support by the Lead ELSA, this supports them within their role in the school. We promote discussion through the use of ‘Mentoring Scenarios’ to aid their knowledge and their confidence. 

The Peer mentors have made a huge impact on the playground at breaktimes and lunchtimes so far. They have delighted me with the support they have already given to some of our children who have needed their support. They have also become braver and sort out adult support for a child who has needed extra support. 

"As a Peer Mentor, I have helped many children throughout the school. Whether it's a friendship problem or an injury on the playground. Not only am I helping others and making them feel better, I am boosting my confidence and it just brightens up my day to see others happy."

-Sarah N, Year 6

Pupil Leadership Information 2023-24

Play Leaders

Play Leaders for TLAP

It is the responsibility for the player leaders to ensure that all children are active during their playtimes in the morning and afternoon. They will organise activities to keep the children active through a range of games that are fun for all. Also, the play leaders will be responsible for looking after play equipment and will meet monthly with Mr. Langford to discuss how to improve playtime provision for children at TLAP.

The Play Leaders for 2023/2024 are:


  • Haaris
  • Amiyah R
  • Patrick
  • Samy
  • Abimanyu
  • Gurjeevan


  • Rahim
  • Oishi
  • Kruthik
  • Avreet


  • Viyaan
  • Sudeeksya
  • Kylo
  • Mzuvukile