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Headteacher's Welcome

TraceypresspictureWelcome to The Langley Academy Primary (TLAP), we are part of The Arbib Education Trust. TLAP opened in 2015 and from our first day, we have been really proud of our unique, dynamic and enriched curriculum. We do all we can to put children first and make sure that we mould our teaching styles to ensure all of our children excel. At TLAP, our sense of community is essential; staff, pupils, and parents speak warmly of ‘our TLAP family’.

Throughout my many years of working in education, I have never worked in a school as special as TLAP. From the moment you enter our building, you will understand why. The building was designed to support 21st Century learning, putting Museum Learning and collaboration at the heart of our curriculum offer. The open-plan design naturally lends itself to fostering children’s curiosity. Our pupils relish in all learning opportunities and particularly come alive when they have the chance to make connections through their learning and over time.

We recognise that to equip children with the life skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world, our curriculum and approach needs to be different. Pupils at TLAP are confident, resilient, ambitious learners. We see this day to day and it was also recognised in our Outstanding Ofsted report, ‘The needs of the pupils are absolutely at the heart of the school’s work.’ (Ofsted July 2018).

We adapt our teaching approaches to ensure our children receive the best provision possible. The success of our remote teaching and the joy of the children when school reopened, demonstrates that we put children first to enable them to thrive, both academically and socially. Virtual trips to places of interest and talks from experts has continued to enrich learning experiences, despite the challenges of Covid. Making learning fun, relevant and linking it to children’s lives remains at the heart of what we have continued to offer. Children make the most of the practical, play-based experiences to deepen their learning, they have an insatiable appetite to know more. As one child summarised, ‘Learning is fun and active and even with Covid we can do so much’.

Of course, pupils wouldn’t be able to have such magnificent opportunities, if they were not supported by highly motivated and talented staff. If you are looking for a school that offers cutting-edge approaches, a supportive team, and the best place for children to thrive, TLAP is the school for you!

Mrs. T Bowen

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