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Read Write inc Phonics

Read Write Inc is the chosen Phonics Scheme which we use to teach our children to read. Clear progression within the scheme means that the children are quickly provided with the key knowledge and skills to independently read words and sentences. 

Children are placed in groups based on their Phonics knowledge and skills. During the lesson, children use reading materials matched to their ability, and progress through the Read Write Inc colour book bands accordingly. Children are provided with all of the strategies to succeed to ensure that the process of learning to read is an enjoyable and positive experience. 

Children are listened to read by an adult during their daily lessons, and ongoing assessment  enables adults to quickly identify children who will need additional practice and support, to ensure there are no knowledge gaps. "Keep up not catch up" clearly states the importance of not leaving any child behind, and our staff at The Langley Academy Primary are committed in ensuring that we give every child the skills and ability to read.  

Please have a look at the links listed below for additional information and resources from Read Write Inc.