How do I apply for Reception 2021?

Applications need to be made through Slough Borough Council online on the following link, the deadline for 2021 admissions is Friday 15th January 2021. Offers will be made on Friday 16th April 2021 and will be made through Slough Borough Council.

Do I need to complete any Admission Forms with the school?

You will not need to complete any forms with the school, we will contact you with Admission Forms once you are offered a space at our school.

Do you have a catchment area?

We do not have a catchment area, however as detailed in our Admissions Criteria if we are oversubscribed then distance will become a factor for allocation of spaces.

Open Days for September 2021 admissions 

Due to the current COVID pandemic, we will be holding our Open Days for prospective Nursery and Reception parents for the September 2021 admissions virtually. These will be on the following dates:






     19th October 2020                              


     10:00 am                                           

     4th November 2020


     10:00 am

     17th November 2020


     1:30 pm

     3rd December 2020


     10:00 am

     8th December 2020  


     10:00 am

     7th January 2021


     9:30 am

     13th January 2021


     9:30 am


If you would like to be booked on for one of these sessions please email Mrs Javed on , a link will then be circulated closer to the time of the session.


Why did you choose this school?

How do I apply for Nursery in September 2021?

You need to complete a form, which can be collected from the main office at school or  can e found online here: 

Nursery Admissions Form

 When do I need to apply?

You need to apply by 31st March 2021 for September 2021 admission. You can hand it in at the School Office or alternatively you can email it to

How can I apply for a space at your school if I have just moved into the area or in the middle of an academic year?

You will need to make an in year application through Slough Borough Council using the following link, there is no guarantee of a space being available you can discuss this with Mrs Javed on 01753 214450.


Parents/carers who are not offered a place for their child have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel. Parents/carers wishing to appeal should obtain an appeal form. The form should be sent to reach the Clerk to the Appeal Panel, as soon as possible after the date of the letter confirming the decision not to offer a place at The Langley Academy Primary. Notification of the hearing date will be provided to the appellant by the Clerk at least 14 days before the hearing unless this right has been waived.

Note-for appeals for entry to Reception, September, 2021, the Clerk should receive the form by 17th May, 2021. Appeals received after this date may not be heard with appeals received by the deadline. ‘In year’ appeals for current Reception class and other year groups should be submitted as soon as possible after a place has been refused.

The following link explains the process

Requesting an appeal form

To request an appeal form you can download the appeal form below or contact The Langley Primary Academy on 01753 214450.  The appeal form must be posted (ensure you affix correct postage stamp) to the address printed on the form. Please DO NOT send forms directly to The Langley Academy Primary. 

Click here to download the Appeal Form