Dsc 1084


  • Historical learning is woven throughout the curriculum with children developing their historical skills and knowledge as they move through the school.
  • Children learn about events in living memory and the lives of significant people
  • Children begin each year by learning about the life of the person their class is named after.
  • In Key Stage Two, children begin to develop their understanding of chronology and focus on timelines and dates.
  • Children are able to talk about how we learn about the past and how we know about life before written record.
  • Children know that history is pieced together using information from people of the time and that this can be seen differently by different people.
  • Children understand that we can learn from the past and use the past to understand ourselves.
  • Children enter into discussions about big ideas; race, religion and equality and use history to reflect on these issues.
  • Children connect historical learning with historical art works and can think about what that represents.
  • Through museum learning, children understand that objects tell stories and that items from the past need to be looked after and protected.
  • Children develop empathy by understanding lives from the past and comparing them to their own.

History subject journey

History visual map