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What is Read, Write, Inc?

Read, Write Inc. Phonics (RWI) is a programme which teaches and provides children with the skills to be “fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers”.

At The Langley Academy Primary, we use Read, Write Inc as the primary scheme to teach our children how to read and write. The dynamic programme facilitates rapid progress and children quickly acquire the skills they need to succeed.

Before your child can start to read, they need to learn to:

  • Say the sound that is represented by each letter or groups of letters. These are called ‘Speed Sounds’.
  • Blend sounds together in word to read the word. Eg “c-a-t – cat”. Children learn this by ‘fred talking’ which is blending the sounds together to say or read the word.

Our children begin Read, Write Inc in Nursery. As the children move through Early Years and Key Stage 1, they will continue to learn new sounds and reading skills in small groups as part of their daily timetable.

When ready, children will use RWI storybooks. The children move through a colour coded reading scheme to support and consolidate the sounds that they have learnt within their lessons. By the time the children bring their RWI book home to share with you, they should be reading it confidently, fluently and with an abundance of expression!