Year Five and Six Highlights

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May 6, 2022

This week has been another fantastic week in Year 5. We have begun our preparation for Slough’s Heritage Week by researching William and Caroline Herschel, Slough’s famous scientists who discovered Uranus and made the largest telescope. This Heritage Week will mark 200 years after William’s death. In History we have continued our topic by researching the Civil Rights Movement in America between 1950-1960, thinking about how this links to the Hidden Figures.

The final push! As we approach the start of our SATs, Year 6 have used every resource available to help us prepare. We have worked in small groups, used IPads and laptops, had peer discussions and after school revision sessions. Heading into the weekend, we are going to ensure we are well rested and our bodies are fully fuelled for the week ahead. We are not going to worry, instead we are going to be positive in our approach. We know that as long as we try our best, everyone will be proud. This week, in English, we are looking at the mystery genre, creating our own detective stories. We are considering our suspects, their motives and the clues that will lead us to a solution. In PSHE, we have been looking at money and finance, as we begin to understand terms such as: savings, interest, deposit, exchange rate etc.